Arabica by Belle Tress

Arabica by Belle Tress


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Model wearing: Cayenne with Ginger Root


With full-bodied curls and beautifully bouncy bangs, Arabica is a fully styled, ready to wear glam look. Volume, shine and the tumbling tresses only add to the fine quality of this wig. Arabica is fun, loud and always has a bright smile on her face but with a sense of coyness and classiness.



Chocolate with Caramel, Coffee without Cream, Ginger, Honey with Chai Latte, Sugar Cookie with Hazelnut



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  • Features

    Cafe Collection: Heat Friendly/ Creative Lace Front/ Cap: Average/ Bangs: Side Bangs: 7.5” Side: 9.5” Nape: 11” Back: 17.5” Overall: 7.5”-17.5”/ 5.9 oz