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Is a human hair wig right for you?

Human hair wigs offer the most natural look and feel. The hair is soft, has shine and natural movement that is hard to replicate with synthetics.

  • Lifespan: Are you looking for a wig to last? Human hair wigs last much longer than other types of wigs.

  • Long locks: Love long hair? Us too! Human hair wigs are the best option if you are looking for length.

  • Easy care: You only need to wash your human hair wig once a month!

  • Feels amazing: Human hair wigs are comfortable and feel great on your skin.

  • Natural beauty: Human hair wigs look and feel incredibly natural. Have naturally curly hair? You will love our virgin natural curly wigs that air dry with waves or curls. It’s a game changer!

  • Styling versatility: Human hair wigs can be styled, permed and colored just like natural hair.

  • Color away: You can color a virgin wig any color you want! If it is not a virgin human hair wig you can only do low-lights or shade rooting.

  • Price point: Human hair wigs tend to be at a higher price range. But, depending on your reason for the wig, your health insurance could reimburse you for most of the cost!

  • Get ready to style: Just like real hair, human hair wigs can be re-styled frequently.

Virgin Human Hair

Mane Attraction Wigs sources the finest virgin European hair available in the world. Virgin hair means that it has not been processed and is the original color. Virgin European hair is the best hair available due to its texture feel and look. It can also be highlighted and dyed very easily as you would dye or highlight hair on a head. The color also lasts much longer and will not fade or oxidize as quickly as processed hair. With time it may get lighter in the sun like natural hair on a head. Like all natural hair to get the best results it must be styled after washing.

Color Chart Virgin European

Premium Processed Human Hair

Mane Attraction Wigs uses only cuticle intact Remy Human Hair that has been gently colored to achieve the desired look. Premium Processed Hair reacts better to the humidity in the environment due to the color process. It is available in a range of trendy colors, which include Balayage, Ombre, Babylights and Rootings. It provides a more affordable option, while maintaining the highest quality and an extremely natural, soft, silky finish.

Color Chart Premium Processed

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