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Wavy Red Hair

Hybrid Hair Wigs


Is a hybrid hair wig right for you?

Looking for the best of both worlds? Hybrid hair wigs offer the perks of human hair with the convenience of synthetic hair.

  • Blended beauty: Hybrid hair wigs are a beautiful blend of 30% human hair and 70% heat-friendly synthetic hair.

  • Lifespan: Hybrid hair wigs last longer than fully synthetic hair wigs.

  • Long locks: Love long hair? Us too! Hybrid hair wigs can be worn in long lengths.

  • Locked-in look: The heat-friendly synthetic helps to lock-in your style even after washing!

  • Styling versatility: The mixture of human hair and heat-friendly synthetic hair allows you to style using heat tools.

  • Color lock: Hybrid hair wigs cannot be colored. But, with the wide array of color choices, we are confident you’ll find a color that you love!

  • Price point: Hybrid hair wigs on average, come at a lower price point than most human hair wigs.

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