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The Pink Strand Project


Donate $10 to our MANE Cause


Receive your pink
clip-in strand made
of 100% human hair


Take a selfie and
post it with #thepinkstrandproject


Color: 320A-Pink Bubble Gum

100% Human Hair

Style using a curling or flat iron

Length: 16”

Clip in

Not interested in a pink strand, but still want to donate? Please scroll down.

The Pink Strand Project was started by Mane Attraction Wigs, a Massachusetts based wig boutique that specializes in uplifting women, crushing stigmas and building confidence. Women lose their hair for a variety of reasons, and we feel strongly that every woman deserves to be in a wig that she loves!

Witnessing firsthand the bravery and strength cancer patients have has inspired us to continue that fight ourselves – and provide unwavering support in a way that would capture the essence of what we stand for.

The Pink Strand Project invites you to purchase a pink strand of hair to raise money and awareness for those fighting cancer in our community. Join us in wearing your pink strand during breast cancer awareness month (and beyond) as a symbol of solidarity for the women fighting cancer and for the survivors who may have lost their hair during their cancer journey. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Runway For Recovery - an organization that provides financial support to the women fighting cancer in our community.

Who is Runway For Recovery?

We are a nonprofit redefining the breast cancer experience for families through events and programs that strive to provide normalcy amidst the unimaginable. We are here for those who survive — and for those who live on as legacies, because we know that breast cancer never just impacts one.

With Family Grants, Runway funds families who have had a loved one pass away from breast cancer in order to reduce financial and logistical burdens and bolster families with psychological, social, and financial support. In addition, we fund those who are living with stage IV, metastatic, breast cancer. Runway for Recovery is committed to being flexible with families in order to address their specific needs.



Your contribution goes to work immediately, and the impact of your support gives something even more…it gives hope.




Heaps of Hope, Inc., is a non-profit organization that provides financial support for women with cancer in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Heaps of Hope reaches out to some of the most vulnerable in our society: women with a cancer diagnosis. Inspired by one woman's journey through breast cancer and fueled by a desire to help those going through the same diagnosis, she saw that a serious illness puts a great deal of stress on every aspect of a person's life, including their financial situation. It became her mission that when a woman receives a cancer diagnosis and is uncertain about how she will manage, Heaps of Hope is there to reassure her that she is not alone on this journey. Hope is what sustains us through difficult times and Heaps of Hope strives to
provide exactly that!

Heaps of Hope assists women through this time by:

  • Offering assistance with the cost of transportation to medical appointments.

  • Helping pay for medications when women have no prescription coverage or have very high
    co-payments for their medication.

  • Helping pay hospital bills for uncovered treatments or tests.

  • Assisting with the cost of integrative therapies which are not covered by health insurance and can be helpful treating pain, nausea, insomnia and anxiety.

  • Offering grocery gift cards to help ease the financial strain that this illness can cause.

  • Providing an inspirational book - There's No Place Like Hope - to women who are newly diagnosed.

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