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Synthetic Hair Wigs

Is a synthetic hair wig right for you?

Synthetic hair wigs have made some great advancements over the past few years. Today’s synthetic hair rivals  many human hair wigs in style and texture–many  
even feel like human hair itself!

  • Locked-in style: Synthetic hair wigs retain their style, so it’s an easy option to have great hair every day!

  • Short and sweet: We carry synthetic wigs in many short and trendy styles. If you are looking for a pixie cut, a synthetic wig is a perfect choice!We can offer long synthetic wig solutions, but our experience is that the lifespan isn’t as good as a shoulder length or shorter synthetic wig.

  • Wash and wear: Synthetic hair wigs are a great wash and wear option. They retain their style even after a wash so they are a great get up and go option!

  • Pick a color, any color: With synthetic hair, your color options are endless. They range from natural, to highlighted, to bright vibrant colors!

  • Lifespan: Typically synthetic wigs last 4-6 months, but with proper care, you could stretch the lifespan of your wig. Pixie styles can last even longer!

  • Price point: Synthetic hair wigs are a great economic option. They are more cost effective versus human hair wigs.

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