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House Blend by Belle Tress

House Blend by Belle Tress


For pricing, please call 617.212.2694.


Model wearing: Honey with Chai Latte


No one has more fun than this babe! Sunglasses, summer bikini, and a Margarita are essential accessories to be worn with this piece. The loose curls that hold up for a short breezy style remind us of a time when we had a to hair spray it up that way. A very full, short cut which looks great with summer dresses or shorty shorts. This is a modern classic that is a great standard piece to have in any collection. Short and curly and ready for fun!



Cappuccino with Cherry, Cayenne with Ginger Root, Chocolate with Caramel, Coffee without Cream, Cola with Cherry, Ginger, Mocha with Cream,  Vanilla Lush



To view Belle Tress wig color swatches please visit the Belle Tress Color Swatch site page in the navigation bar or click here

  • Features

    Cafe Collection: Heat Friendly/ Creative Lace Front/ Cap: Average/ BSide Bangs: 6” Side: 6” Nape: 4.5” Back: 10.5” Overall: 4.5”-10.5”/ 3.6 oz

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